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High Mountain Trail Maps -- Download 'em Here

High Mountain Trail Map-001
Folks at last night's High Mountain talk at Bergen County Audubon wondered where they might download a copy of Wayne Township's map to the 1,260-acre preserve.

Wonder no more. Just click here. (Thanks to the Trail Conference's Chris Connolly for the link!)

Me, I'd wait till the spring and The Nature Conservancy emergency trail signs are in place. :- )

Record's 'Name-dropper' Is About Allendale

Incidents of Burnside Expedition Allen drowning-002Jeff Page's Name-Dropper column in The Record today is about Joseph Warner Allen, for whom Allendale is named. Allen lived in the John Fell House while he was town. Jeff did not mention this, but there is a rumor that Allen called the town My-dale when he lived here.

Jeff's column is here.

An earlier Op-Ed piece I wrote about Allen and his amazing life is here.

Sadly, the only artwork I could find of Allen was a scene of his drowning off North Carolina during the Civil War (above).