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My Latest Column: Mill Creek Marsh

IMG_4933My latest column for The Record and Herald News is about one of my favorite places in the Meadowlands -- Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus. IMG_4904

The link is here.

I took the photo of the Northern Harrier above on New Year's Day at Mill Creek this year.

Ditto the Orange-crowned Warbler on the right.

Saw a Clapper Rail near there last year --link is here.



More on Those Mystery Tracks

Yesterday afternoon I posted photos of taken in our backyard leading to the Celery Farm.

The three prevalent theories were snowshoes DSCN9103(which no one used in my yard that I know of), deer (just too big and inconsistent with all other deer tracks in the Celery Farm) and "more than one foot/paw/etc. in each place" (which is what I wondered as well).

The thinking is that it is the entire animal (think "rabbit," perhaps), jumping from spot to spot in the deep snow.

Because of the comments on the blog and the blog's Facebook page, I measured the tracks.

They are roughly 8 inches long and 5 inches wide, and the distance between the tracks went from 4 feet to 3.5 feet to 3 feet...

The mystery creature conveniently dropped a penny by the track so you can get a sense of scale.