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My New Column: The Biggest 'Big Year' Ever

My latest column for The Record is an interview with Noah Strycker, who did a record-setting global 'Big Year' in 2015 and tallied an incredible 6,000-plus species.

When I filed the column last week, he was "only" at 5,800-plus species.

That's Noah, above, with King Penguins on South Georgia Island.

The link is here. The online version does not include Sandy Komito's thoughts on Noah's achievement, so I am including them here:

Former Fair lawn resident Sandy Komito set a Big Year record for most bird species seen in the continental United States with a total of 748 in 1998. Here are Sandy’s thoughts on Noah Strycker’s new global record:

“In recording more than 5,800 bird species this year, Noah Strycker has done what it has taken me nearly 20 years to achieve -- and I thought I was running pretty fast.

“Those of us on the sidelines can only dream of these efforts and marvel at these extraordinary achievements. We are inventing new and harder challenges all the time.  The sky is truly the limit.”

A link to Noah's latest blog post is here.