No Bittern or Redhead at Celery Farm Yet Today
Ralph the Redhead Returns

Don Torino's Thanksgiving Column
Don Torino's latest column is about reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Here's the beginning:

"My love of Thanksgiving has much less to do with Pilgrims and much more to do with giving thanks to the many wild places we are fortunate enough to enjoy here in New Jersey.

"For me Thanksgiving always started out spending a few hours in the morning enjoying nature before sitting down to dinner."

And another sample: "Watching a Red-tail soaring over the trees or a Chickadee caching a sunflower seed in your backyard Oak tree, connecting with nature on this wonderful day reminds us that there is something bigger than ourselves out there, and that we need to give thanks for many things in nature that we sometimes take for granted." Amen.

The link is here. (A nice pic by Mike Malzone, too.)