Coot, Mon ... at the Celery Farm Yesterday
Incredible Celery Farm Bald Eagle Shots by Walt Staab

My Review of "The Kiskadee of Death"

I reviewed a new mystery called "The Kiskadee of Death" The-Kiskadee-of-Deathby Jan Dunlap for Birding Magazine, set in a prime birding area in Texas.

Here's the beginning of my review:

"The seventh in Jan Dunlap’s Bob White Birder Murder series, The Kiskadee of Death is a light confection of a mystery, the sort of book you might read on the plane on your next big birding adventure when you get tired of perusing the field guide.

"In fact, the book’s action takes place on just such a week-long birding trip. The aforementioned Mr. White—high-school guidance counselor, ardent birdwatcher, and amateur sleuth—has persuaded his lovely wife, Luce, to escape a brutal Minnesota January and search for life birds and rarities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

"Think of them as the Nick and Nora Charles of the Swarovski set."

The full review is on the ABA blog, here.