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Stream Sampling at the Celery Farm

Elena Tartaglia (right) and two of her students from Bergen Community College -- Vincent Chisvette and Isaac Alejo --did some stream sampling at the Celery Farm last week for a class.

They were looking for invertebrates, and found Dragonfly larva (below, in ice cube tray, so never drink Elena's iced tea), some snails, amphipods (little crustaceans), tiny flatworms, and a few fish leeches (the other little guy below).  Very cool.


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The Allendale Brook was the last of 12 area streams they tested. They'll be able to determine to some extent how clean the water in the brook is by the invertebrates that live there.

They really liked the shallow dam by the Brotherton bridge -- the ripples boot the oxygen levels, which helps with stream diversity.

Will let you know if I hear more.