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August 2015

Monarchs Making the Scene

IMG_9844-001Deedee Burnside reports that a female Monarch "is laying eggs all over my yard on the Milkweed!!"

Went outside to see if I had any such action -- and saw a Monarch fluttering around my backyard and nearby the Celery Farm.

Landed on our Swamp Milkweed (and NY Ironweed) several times but do not know if it was a she or a he, or if any eggs were laid... (Thanks, Deedee!)

Don Torino column: Peregrines in the Meadowlands

peregrine falcon
One of my favorite places is the Meadowlands, and one of my favorite birds is the Peregrine, which not long ago was extirpated east of the Mississippi River.

Don Torino, a friend of this blog, writes about both in his latest column for the Meadowlands Nature Blog.

Here's a sample:

"Now that Peregrines search the skies over places like the New Jersey Meadowlands once again as monarchs of their domain, fearless and unafraid, we should be diligent never to take the sight of this extraordinary bird for granted, not even once."

The link is here.

Mount Peter Hawk Watch: Clean-up and Count

The view from Mount Peter, circa 1910

Judy Cinquina, esteemed coordinator of the Mount Peter Hawk Watch, writes:

The Mount Peter Hawk Watch will begin its 58th consecutive fall count Tuesday, Sept. 1 and will run daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  through November 15. 

Anyone interested in taking either half or whole days is welcome to join our friendly crew.  In any case, please come up and visit.

Our leaders always welcome the company and help spotting in-coming migrants. Our annual fall Clean-Up will take place Sunday, August 30 from 9 a.m. to noon.

If you are interested in becoming a leader or helping with the clean-up, please contact me.

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