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Moth Night in the Meadowlands

Red-shoulder Hunts at the Fell House

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola writes:

"I was doing some work around the barn at the Fell House last Tuesday when I heard this awful screaming sound near the rhododendron bushes by the front of the driveway. 

"I looked over and saw an adult rabbit charging at a Red-shouldered hawk that was on the ground right near the bushes.  The hawk jumped up as the rabbit approached and a baby rabbit, that the hawk had either caught or was right near, ran into the bushes. 

"The hawk landed a few feet away and the adult rabbit went after it again.  The hawk flew up and went into the bushes and the adult rabbit went right after it again.  "The hawk flew up into one of the hemlocks by the spring house and was jumping from branch to branch.  I went and got my camera and started taking pictures of it. 

"It called repeatedly and then flew into the back yard.  When I got home and loaded the photos, I saw a silver band on its right leg." 

The silver band means that it was Laura, our resident female Red-shoulder.

(Thanks, Mike!)