Butterfly Day @ DeKorte Park
Three Years Ago Today...

New Butterfly Species for the Celery Farm?

Fritillary monarda 2015-07-12 Fritillary mountain mint - 2015-07-12Julie McCall writes: 

Attached are 2 photos of the same Meadow Fritillary from July 12 - one taken on the mountain mint back in Fred's field, and one on the nearby Monarda.

I'm pretty sure it's a Meadow Fritillary - if I'm wrong, ask Patrick Carney. [Or Deedee! -- JW]

This is the first report I've seen of this species at the CF, but perhaps earlier records exist. I did not see it on the North American Butterfly Association list for the Celery Farm, here.

It has been seen at DeKorte Park -- on Butterfly Day three years ago.

Thanks, Julie, for the report and the photos!