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My Latest Duke Farms Posts: Helping Other At-risk Birds

2014-05-25 161
Bobolink in Duke Farms' grasslands, copyright Kevin Watson

Most folks know of Duke Farms as the home of nesting (and endangered) Bald Eagles, but the stars of the Eagle Cam aren’t the only at-risk birds that have found a home on the 2,740-acre property in Hillsborough, N.J.

My latest posts for Duke Farms' blog discusses what is done to help the other 12 nesting species that are considered endangered, threatened or of special concern, ranging from  a small falcon called an American Kestrel to a quartet of rare sparrows (Vesper, Grasshopper, Henslow's, and Savannah Sparrow).

The posts also feature some wonderful photography by Kevin Watson, including the photo above.

The links are here and here.

Neat Article in Time for Father's Day

Sally Teschon passed along a delightful article by Eli Knapp, about a dad teaching his kids to be birders. It was published in New York State Conservationist Magazine.

Here's a sample:

Bunting dirkx
Indigo Bunting (photo: Laurie Dirkx)


Quite simply, my kids are immersed in my love of birds and birding. Every day of their lives, they've been surrounded by feeders, bird houses, binoculars, posters, lists, carvings and field guides.

I even named my daughter "Indigo" after one of my favorite birds, the indigo bunting.

"No more birds, Dad!" Ezra sometimes shouts from the back seat after I slam on the brakes and crane my neck to get a better look at a raptor flying overhead.

My wife's subtle smirk at such back seat directives confirms her assent. There's a time for birding and a time to refrain from birding.

And driving, I'm learning, is a time for the latter.

The link is here.