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May 2015

Bizarro Monday Morning Mystery Solved

DSCN9863On Monday, Stiles Thomas challenged readers to tell him what that thing on the left is.

Stiles says that it is an unviable -- and unenviable -- Wild Turkey egg.

He found it in his backyard this weekend after a hen turkey fiddled in the Thomas birdbath in obvious discomfort for quite a while.

"This, too, shall pass," he told her softly, and it did.

Congrats to all who took a stab at this mystery, and a special tip of the Hatlo Hat to Janet T., who came closest to the correct answer.

Fish Crow, Part III


Speaking of Fish Crows, I had forgotten that on May 9, I was sitting on the Pirie/Mayhood Platform when a Fish Crow landed on the railing, then hopped into the Crab Apple tree.

It proceeded to pick four or five blossoms with its bill before flying off?  Nesting material? Any other theories?