Monday Morning Mystery: 033015
Answers to a Couple of Monday Mysteries

LIkely Glaucous Gull at Celery Farm Today

Rob Fanning found a rare gull IMG_9230at the Celery Farm this morning. I was able to get a some photos.

Rob believes it is a Glaucous Gull, but wants to do more checking.

Rob writes: "I now believe this to be an adult Glaucous based on pure white wing tips/linings and size appearing slightly larger than most of the Herring Gulls.

"Iceland adult usually shows some light grayish wing tips. The head did not look particularly block-headed but not exactly rounded either.

"Either way this is a long-awaited first for the CF! The bird was still present at 9:05 a.m. when I had to leave for work."

At least one other expert is leaning toward Iceland Gull.

In the meantime, am posting some pix here and (soon) in a gallery on right.  What do you think?

Bird may still be at the Celery Farm, out fairly far on Lake Appert.


(Thanks, Rob!)