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Bittersweet News: The Red-shouldered Hawks Have Relocated

This was sent out by e-mail today to folks who subscribe to the Fyke e-mail list.

Dear Friends of the Allendale Red-shouldered Hawks,


We at the Fyke Nature Association regret to inform you that the Laura and her mate have decided to nest in a new tree this season, which makes our recent effort to install a streaming video cam in vain.


The good news is that Laura appears to be incubating at least one egg -- the 15th year in a row that these hawks have nested in Allendale or nearby Ramsey. The unfortunate news is that the nest is elsewhere  -- still in Allendale, but elsewhere. Nature has a mind of its own.


We are now trying to sell the equipment, and should have a better idea of where we stand in a few weeks.  We will be offering appropriate refunds as soon as we can. And we still plan to do a free updated eBook on the hawks and will mention all donors by name.

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