Monday Morning Mystery 030915
Allendale Red-shouldered Hawk Story from 2004

Coyote Stalks Deer Near Ridgefield Park Bald Eagle Nest

While Ron Shields and I were checking in on the Ridgefield Park Bald Eagles this afternoon, we noticed six distant deer ambling along the shoreline under the nest (four are pictured above -- try to find them).

Shortly after, the six deer literally high-tailed it.

Turns out that a Coyote had been after them -- unsuccessfully.

Got a shot as the coyote sauntered back along the shoreline (below). Interesting how well both the deer and the coyote blended in with the dry phragmites.

Oh, we also could see (barely) an eagle incubating the eggs in the nest, the reason we were there in the first place.

Jim O'Neill recently wrote an article for The Record in the upsurge in coyotes in the North Jersey suburbs. You can read it here.