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January 2015

Attention: Moth Lovers!

Nature photographer Jim Des Rivieres has taken the most amazing images of moths I have every seen.

An exhibition of his moth photography was featured at the American Museum of Natural History in 2013, and he even has a free app of his photographs (for more info, click here).

And starting this weekend, his photos will be on display at the Hudson Highlands Museum in Cornwall-on Hudson.

For more info, click here.

Red-Shoulder @ the Fell House


Patty and I saw this Red-shouldered Hawk above the Fell House barn at this morning. (Julie McCall pointed it out; thanks, Julie!)

I mention the sighting for two reasons.

1.Stay tuned for a major announcement about our Allendale Red-shouldered Hawks.

2. The sighting was the first for the Wright-Finn team in the 2015 Celery Farm Big Year. (Yes, we have been very remiss/busy/under-the-weather.) Just a reminder that the Fell House property is included in the competion.