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Hackensack River Story Night

2014 Story Night flyer
Lori Charkey, a friend at Bergen SWAN writes:

Mmark your calendars for Sunday, December 7, for a very special intimate evening of recollecting and paying tribute as we host our third Hackensack River StoryNight, this one in honor of my late partner, Mark G. Becker. The night's theme will be "Going by the Water: Experiences by Local Streams, Brooks, Lakes, Ponds & Rivers."

My Mark was endlessly fond of listening to, reading, and articulating short stories, especially those for which a sense of place and a memorable landscape was central.
We will be accommodating up to 40 guests for this fundraising event, for which admission will be $25 per person. This includes Watershed Educator Nancy Slowik's fine slide presentation of highlights of our 2014 outings, a silent auction and seasonal sale, tea and handmade desserts, and the story circle, which will be led by playwright Will MacAdams.
StoryNight will happen from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the strikingly handsome historic Demarest Railroad Station, which we will decorate for the occasion.

Bergen SWAN's website is here.

When Turkeys Attack ...

1-Turkeys 1123 JW a
As my wife Patty and I were driving up Franklin Turnpike yesterday morning, we noticed several stopped vehicles  ahead.

We saw the reason soon enough: Three Alpha Male turkeys were harassing vehicles.

I got out of the car, shooed them off the road, then drove home for my camera.  When we returned to the scene, the turkeys were at it again.

One of the photos I took is on the front of the Local section of The Record today. Here are two more.
2-Turkeys 1123 JW h