Saturday: Free Butterfly Walk
Amazing Mink Report in Celery Farm

When You Visit the Celery Farm

A family-oriented local day-trips website recently contacted Fyke Nature Association about advice for visiting the Celery Farm for the first time.

Below are some of the tips we offered to ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable time. Do you have any to add?


* Enjoy the abundant nature and the peaceful setting.

* Bring binoculars (and a birding field guide if you plan to go birding).

* Wear bug spray and sunscreen in the warmer months.

* Look out for Poison Ivy at all times.

* Stay on trails; ticks abound.

* Do not pick any plants or flowers. They belong to everyone.

* Do not fish; do not capture or release any wildlife, including frogs and turtles.

* Jogging is permitted, but this is a natural area, not a park, and runners must be respectful of others' enjoyment of nature.

* If you park along the Franklin Turnpike. do not park on the sidewalk. It is against state law, you could damage the sidewalk, and you could get a ticket.