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Don Torino Column on Good Weed

Don Torino, a friend of this blog, also writes a weekly column for His latest is on so-called weeds that can upgrade your yard.

Here's a sample:

Despite what you might be thinking, my column this week is not about growing up in the 60s, or the title of an old Cheech & Chong movie, and it’s not even a public service announcement from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

It is about some real good weed you can pick up right here in New Jersey at your local garden center.

By now you all are familiar with some really good weeds, like milkweed. Milkweeds are the host plants for the Monarch butterfly and a nectar source for countless other butterflies, moths and insects.

But what you may not know is that there are some other really good weeds you can introduce to your home garden that will not only make you feel good when you see your backyard come alive, but will give a big helping hand to our local wildlife, too. ...

The link is here.

Send a Birthday Card to Lillian Thomas

Gaby Schmitt writes:DSCN9585-001

We all know the difference Stiles and Lillian Thomas have made - working to save and protect the Celery Farm for more than 50 years.

Recently, Lillian was also honored by Allendale for her efforts in saving the 20-acre Allendale Wetlands, which was renamed the Lillian Thomas Natural Area. (Link is here.

A little bird told us that she will be celebrating her 90th birthday on August 15 and that an old fashioned birthday card blitz might be a great way to enhance her celebration. If you would like, you can mail (she does not have email) a card/note to her:
Lillian Thomas
Box 75
Allendale N.J.  07401
If you know of anyone else that might like to share in honoring this lovely person, please feel free to forward this email. 

Butterfly Walk!

Apparently the butterflies did not get the memo about the Fyke Nature Association's annual Tom Burr Memorial Butterfly Walk, because those winged wonders were few and far between.

IMG_1763 Stars of the morning were definitely the clear-winged moths.

We had nice looks at both the Snowberry and Hummingbird Clear-winged Moths.

Also had a Green Heron and a Tree Swallow or two.

A big thanks to all our participants!