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June 2014

Calif. Night Heron Brouhaha

The New York Times has a story from California about a tree-trimmer who cut down a Black-crowned Heron nest with five youngsters inside.

Reminded me of the situation with the Fair Lawn ravens' nest, where painting the town water tower was delayed six weeks because of nesting.

Fair Lawn wisely dealt with the problem as soon as it came to the town's attention, rather than risk harming the birds -- which had begun nesting before the scaffolding went up.

Better public education would help companies learn that it's best to check for nesting birds before starting work on an outdoor site, especially in the spring and early summer.

Link is here.

And yes, we have Black-crowned Night Herons at the CF. Paul Sullivan shared this photo, taken at the Celery Farm this past weekend. (Thanks, Paul!)

Black-crowned night-heron


Little Wood Satyr at Celery Farm


For the second year in a row on our First-Satyrday walks, we saw a Little Wood Satyr.  These are the only times I've seen them at the CF, but have seen them on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Also has a couple of skippers, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and a Monarch (below). Last year's Satyr post, with a link to a list of the Butterflies of the Celery Farm, is here.


Free Guided Walk This Saturday!

Join us for a free 90-minute guided walk through the Celery Farm on Saturday, June 7, at 8 a.m.

This walk is for nature-lovers of all ages and birders of all levels. We'll look for butterflies, bugs, weird plants and our feathered friends. Meet at Green Way entrance. Wear long pants and socks; bring water and bug spray!

Leaders: Jim Wright and Mike Limatola.

Register for this walk at celeryfarm AT gmail DOT com. Check for any updates.  

(There will be no John Fell House tours after this walk.)