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June 2014

Lightning Strikes Thrice!

Most folks never get to see Wood Ducklings leave their next box in an entire lifetime.

Jerry Barrack saw this amazing event for the third time ever at the Celery Farm, and the second time this year, this morning.

He was nice enough to share this photo, and a link to more Wood Duckling shots, here

The first time Jerry photographed this provided the basis for "Duck Enough to Fly," which Jerry and I did with Doug Goodell just about a decade ago.

(Thanks, Jerry, and congratulations!)

Latest Column: Cuckoo for Cuckoos

My latest column for The Record and Herald News is all about Yellow-billed Cuckoos, featuring an interview with Cuckoo-lover Charley West.

The link is here. It's in the Better Living section of the Thursday paper. (A big thank you to Walter Staab for the Yellow-billed Cuckoo photo, taken at Skylands.)

Laura's Nest Update


Stiles Thomas reports that both young Red-shoulders were hanging out on a limb by the nest yesterday, with Mama standing watch.

This is the 10th anniversary of the first successful Red-shouldered nest in recent memory, on Arlton Road...