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Moth Ball Is July 11

Virginia Tiger Moth2
3rd Annual Fell House Moth Ball

Friday, July 11, 8:30-10:30 p.m., Crestwood Lake, Allendale


Join us for the third annual Moth Ball, a free celebration of moths and other nightlife -- including a great live band -- at the Red Barn at Crestwood Lake in Allendale.


We’ll have three moth lights and sheets in hopes of attracting a wide variety of these amazing creatures of the night, and we’ll help you ID them and learn more about them.


Feel free to dance (the Jitterbug?) and enjoy a great classic-rock group, the After Hours Band.  When the band takes a break, we’ll do a quick and entertaining slide show about why most moths have gotten a bad rep.  


The Moth Ball marks the unofficial start of National Moth Week (, which runs from July 19-27, and we hope a founder of the international group will again join us for the festivities.


    The free event is open to all and sponsored by the historic John Fell House (a.k.a. the Concerned citizens of Allendale), the Fyke Nature Association, the Allendale Green Team and the Bergen County Audubon Society. For more information, e-mail Jim Wright at wrightjamesb (at)


(Thanks to Patrick Carney for the photo above, of a Virginia Tiger Moth!)