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Thursday's Deer Management Meeting

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola writes:

A deer management presentation was given last night at the Allendale Borough Hall by a representative from the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife, with 32 people attending. 
It was very informative and gave good insight on deer management and deer management programs within the state. 
As you likely know, the deer situation in Bergen County is out of control, and this is especially noticeable at the Celery Farm, where the plant understory is almost completely gone. It will only get worse as the deer multiply. 
The prospect of a hunt at the Celery Farm was discussed. 
Many questions were asked by the audience regarding safety and results, and all were answered satisfactorily by the speaker. 
Please click on the link below and fill out the state's deer survey.

(Thanks, Mike. This is a difficult problem, and the more folks learn about it, the better off we and the Celery Farm will all be. Until people hear the specifics -- and extent --  of the problem, from deer-raled auto fatalities to Deer Tick-related diseases, it will be a real challenge.