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Don Torino's Column on Fair Lawn Ravens

Don Torino's latest column for wildnewjersey.tv is on Fair Lawn's Common Ravens.

Here's a sample:

The Raven is one of the most powerful figures in Native American mythology.

It is said they altered the world by creating land, released people onto it and gave them the light of the universe.

But the Raven was also sometimes viewed as the mischievous clever trickster, and that might just be how some folks of the local government in the town of Fair Lawn, New Jersey might feel about the Raven today.


Sometimes it is not all about money or budgets or politics. Sometimes it is about the respect for life and all the magic, pleasures and even inconveniences that goes along with it.

We share our communities, neighborhoods and even the world with many creatures, giving them the time and space to continue their struggle for survival is the least we can do. In the end, they may be what life is really all about.

Link is here.