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Thursday's Deer Management Meeting

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola writes:

A deer management presentation was given last night at the Allendale Borough Hall by a representative from the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife, with 32 people attending. 
It was very informative and gave good insight on deer management and deer management programs within the state. 
As you likely know, the deer situation in Bergen County is out of control, and this is especially noticeable at the Celery Farm, where the plant understory is almost completely gone. It will only get worse as the deer multiply. 
The prospect of a hunt at the Celery Farm was discussed. 
Many questions were asked by the audience regarding safety and results, and all were answered satisfactorily by the speaker. 
Please click on the link below and fill out the state's deer survey.

(Thanks, Mike. This is a difficult problem, and the more folks learn about it, the better off we and the Celery Farm will all be. Until people hear the specifics -- and extent --  of the problem, from deer-raled auto fatalities to Deer Tick-related diseases, it will be a real challenge.

Rob Fanning CF Report: Pileated

Rob reports:

A quick lunchtime stop at CF produced a constantly singing (but not seen) YELLOW-THROATED VIREO near the Scout Platform, and a constantly calling and seen PILEATED WOODPECKER working the low trunks in the nearby wooded section toward Brotherton's Bridge.
The Vireo was first detected by John Workman several days ago--so it may be hanging around. Both are very scarce to rare at the CF--but Pileated sightings have been on the increase the last several years.
Full e-bird list below. (Thanks, Rob!)

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Meeting on Deer Is Tonight!


The state DEP is presenting a special deer-management seminar at Allendale's Borough Hall on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

As you likely know, White-tailed Deer have over-populated our region, posing an enormous threat to human safety (and themselves) on our roads. They also carry the ticks that carry Lyme Disease and destroy native plants.

Tell your friends in other towns about the presentation as no town in Bergen County has addressed this problem.

Memorial Day Wood Ducks

Wood ducks(Aix sponsa)(female) & her ducklings following her on Lake Appert @ Allendale Celery Farm, Allendale, NJ
Paul Sullivan reports:

I was at the Celery Farm Monday morning & saw a male Wood Duck on top of the Wood Duck box & the female coming out of it by Jonathan's Duck Observatory.

Also, there was a female Wood Duck paddling across Lake Appert with her 6 ducklings in tow. Very fitting for Memorial Day, I saw many Red-winged blackbirds, a few Great Egrets & a couple of Great Blue Herons.

(Thanks, Paul!)