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Why We Need More Milkweed

Don Torino of Bergen County Audubon has a nifty column on the blog today about why we need to plant more milkweed.

Here's the opening:

Milkweed is disappearing from parks, roadsides and farmland where it once flourished.

Droughts in the Southwest in past years have resulted in less and less milkweed that is available to the Monarchs as they begin their northward migration.

Unfortunately, misguided gardeners and landscapers pull out much of the milkweed that may be growing in yards and parks.

The good news is we can do something to make up for it, plant milkweed in our backyards, schoolyards, at our churches and libraries, wherever there is an open space for a plant we can help the Monarch continue their fight for survival.

The link is here.