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Tundra Swans at Celery Farm!


Michael Tat reported a pair of Tundra Swans Sunday morning on Lake Appert.

Marsh Warden Emeritus Stiles Thomas called and asked that I try to get some photographic confirmation of Michael's find.

I was able to get a few shots from Pink Potty Bridge before the birds flew, and a few more as they flew almost overhead as they headed northward on their migration.

According to Stiles, this is the third recorded sighting at the Celery Farm. Rochana  Muenthongchin reported one a decade ago.

Below is a closeup of the swans' heads, showing a bit of yellow in the lore, helping to confirm they are Tundra Swans. Note the shape of head as well.

Link to David Sibley post on Tundra and Trumpeter Swan IDs here .IMG_6638-002

More pix follow. (Thanks, Michael!)

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Haiku Deadline Is Nigh!

Gabriele Schmitt writes:
To all of you who've sent me your terrific nature and Celery Farm observations:

A haiku "thank you"
for many sweet lines received.
Glad you enjoyed it.

To those of you still contemplating:

It's the Ides of March,
the deadline is upon you 
to pen your haiku.

No pressure at all.
It has been - first and foremost
About having fun.

Hmmm .... maybe an exercise in limericks in the future?