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Last Night's Woodcock Watch

Fyke had a very suspenseful and successful Woodcock Watch at Green Way at dusk last night.

A half-dozen(-ish) American Woodcocks were heard. At least two were seen flying, and two were seen on the ground. Fifteen folks participated as well.

If you look closely at the photo above, your chances of seeing a woodcock are nil, but you should be able to make out some humanoid life forms.

Historic Preservation & Open Space

Oradell's landmark:  The Blauvelt Mansion, "Great Lawn" and carriage house (currently The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum) as they looked in the early 1900s. Historic preservationists and environmentalists agree that all should be saved from commercial development.


Photo credit: A.T. De La Mare

The Blauvelt Mansion in Oradell and its great lawn could be in danger of development. 

In that context, Antoinette Rainone, a columnist for Oradell's Town news, asked me what I thought about the relationship between historic preservation and open space.

Her column -- and what I had to say --is here.

My New Column: 'A Birder's Guide ..." Movie

My latest column for The Record and Herald news is all about the new movie, "A Birder's Guide to Everything," an offbeat comedy about young birders' quest to find an exceedingly rare duck -- and more.

I am partial to any movie that brings the joys of bird-watching to wider audiences, and "A Birder's Guide" just might accomplish that. Think "The Big Year," just on a more modest and endearing level.

The main character, played by Kodi Smit-McPhee, is David Portnoy, a 15-year-old from Westchester County, N.Y., who has immersed himself in all things avian as he copes with the death of his mother, an accomplished birder herself. One day, while riding his bike, David thinks he sees a Labrador duck — which would really be big news since it went extinct in 1878.

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