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Joe Lafferty: Celery Farm Memories

Despite having fled the Garden State several years ago I still have a fond memories of all the time spent at the Celery Farm. 

I was long gone by the time the whimsical snakes put in an appearance but they reminded me of several other whimsies at the Farm. 

Chief among them are the plastic flowers, etc. that appeared attached to bushes from time to time. 

I am not sure who was responsible for that but I would be willing to place a large wager on his initials being S. T. 

More pix and memories follow.

There was also the time I looked in the trash barrel at the parking lot and
saw three discarded bowling balls in the bottom--maybe a pawnbroker thinking of using them as a sign. 

There was also a female mallard who spent a lot of time waiting for handouts on the Warden's Watch.

From Sunset Beach, North Carolina (where 1/3 of an inch of snow makes the headlines in the local paper).
                                           -- Joe Lafferty

Editor's note: Is that a tortellini in the last photo below? (Thanks, Joe!)

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