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December 2013

Celery Farm Mink Today!


Louise Riccobene writes:

1-mink 1I was up on the Warden's Watch this morning, scanning for anything interesting to look at, and this little guy came out on the ice to the left of me. We were both pretty surprised.

He gave me a good long look before scampering off back to my left. His back legs broke through the ice a couple of times.

I was relieved to see him make it. I had been trying for a long time to get a look at the mink and feel like I got a nice New Year's gift!

Thanks, Louise!

90th Birthday Reception for Stiles!


Stiles Thomas, marsh warden emeritus of the Celery Farm, celebrated his 90th birthday last week. 

By popular demand, we are going to have a surprise reception for Stiles at the conclusion of the Christmas Bird Count wrap-up, 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 4, at Allendale Borough Hall on W. Crescent Ave., Allendale (where we have the Fyke meetings). 


If you can't attend but want to wish him well, e-mail your happy birthday message to me ([email protected]) or Marsh Warden Mike Liamtola at ([email protected]) and we will print them out and give them to him that night.

If you can attend, please feel free to bring cheese, crackers, cookies or etc. for this informal gathering.

Sorry, but  no bare feet, bongs or tube tops..
At this point, we are trying to keep it a secret from Stiles, so please do not spill the beans. If you are not already attending the wrap-up itself, which starts at 5:30, please arrive by 6:15 p.m. and try not to interrupt the CBC wrap-up.


Feel free to pass this along to other fans and friends of Stiles.  
But don't tell Mr. T himself!
Hope to see you on Jan. 4!