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Just Before Daybreak, December

Celery Farm Charity Auction Package

To help celebrate Edith Wallace's 2013 Women and Wildlife Award -- she will receive it this Wednesday in Trenton -- Jerry Barrack, Edith and I have donated a package of Celery Farm items to a charity silent auction to raise money for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Our package of gifts includes a guided walk of the Celery Farm for up to six people, two of my coffee table books ("In the Presence of Nature" and "The Nature of the Meadowlands", "Duck Enough to Fly," "Woody Plants of the Celery Farm (Edith is one of the authors), and three -- count 'em, three -- framed and matted photographs of the Celery Farm by Jerry Barrack. One of the framed photos is the sequence of a baby Wood Duck jumping out of its nesting box at the Celery Farm from "Duck Enough."  Pretty awesome, and the money goes to a worthy cause.

Click here to see the Celery Farm silent-auction package.  (Note: last I checked, Jerry's amazing photos were not listed yet).

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