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Free eBook on My Recent Ecuador Trip

After a year and a half of planning, I recently spent two weeks in northeast Ecuador, from Quito to the Amazon, and took a few photos along the way -- of lots of birds (Quetzal, Toucan, Macaw, many hummingbirds), giant river otters, caimen, scenics and more.  I put them into a free eBook download for iPads.

The bird above is a Hoatzin; the brains behind the trip was my friend and colleague Kevin Watson. Hence, "a Watson/Hoatzin Expedition."

In all, we saw more than 300 species -- the vast majority of them were life birds for many of us.

Link for the download is here. You can also view a free 24-page preview.

To see the whole book in preview, click here.

If you are thinking of visiting Ecuador and need a recommendation for a great guide, e-mail me.