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September 2013

Conn. Warbler & More at the CF!

Rob Fanning writes:

Found a CONNECTICUT WARBLER at the Allendale Celery Farm ) this morning near  No Name Culvert. Other warblers today incl. Magnolia (2), Redstart, Palm (2 westerns),  Yellow, N. Waterthrush (heard), and C. Yellowthroats.

On 9/18 a GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH was present. This was my first fall record of this species for the CF as well as the county. (Thanks, Rob!)


Red-headed WP @ Ridgewood Duck Pond

This just in on JerseyBirds from Lisa Potash:

Just after 8 am with Louise Riccobene - stationed near the restrooms under the towering oaks and greeted by lots of activity ....2 imm and 2 adults RHWP.

Observed for 20 min or so when we spotted a 3rd adult!

I was taking pics of the 3 rd bird while Louise was watching the other 2 adults. After 40 min got quiet... 2 adults flew over the pond... And now after 30 mins of quiet ...a group of 5 birders are on an adult.  Originally spotted by Larry Scacchetti. (Thanks, Lisa!)


Eagle vs. Osprey at CF

Mike Flom writes:

Apparently the eagle wasn't keen on the Osprey fishing in his territory, and attacked him at the Osprey's 10:30 AM breakfast search at the Celery Farm on Tuesday.

After about 6 pokes, the Osprey flew higher and then started attacking the much larger eagle below.

After 8 rounds it was a draw - I had to leave for an appointment so can't tell you the final outcome. Sorry I didn't have a bigger lens!

Mike wonders if the bird is a young Bald Eagle or young Golden Eagle. What do you think? (Thanks, Mike!)

More pix follow.

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Next Friday: Stiles Thomas & Me at Fyke

A Jolly Good Show – and it’s free!

Please join Allendale author Jim Wright and Allendale wood-carver Stiles Thomas for a free and fun-filled evening at the Allendale Borough Hall on Friday, Sept. 27th, at 8 p.m.

The event kicks off with Jim’s short and snappy talk and slide show about his popular coffee-table book, “The Nature of the Meadowlands,” which celebrates the amazing environmental comeback of this former land of garbage dumps and pig farms.

The second-half of this double-header is the unveiling and exhibition of Stiles’ recent bird carvings, which are both wonderful and whimsical.

A reception with refreshments for Stiles will follow.  Allendale Borough Hall is located at 500 W, Crescent Ave.

Please call Jim Wright at 201-469-7349 for more information.