Monday Morning Mystery 093013
Near Sunset, End of September

New: The Lillian Thomas Natural Area

Allendale Wetlands, Burning Hollow Road, Allendale, NJ - Google Maps - Mozilla Firefox 9172013 32636 PM.bmp-001
At the Fyke Nature Association meeting Friday, Allendale Mayor Vince Barra read a proclamation that a 20-acre parcel previously known as the Allendale Wetlands (located off Powell Road) would henceforth be known as the Lillian Thomas Natural Area.

The name change was in recognition of all Lillian did to stop these environmentally sensitive wetlands from being developed, as well as her many other contributions to Allendale and beyond.

Above, a Google map showing the location of the wetlands, now owned by the Passaic River Coalition, will remain open space for perpetuity.

Below, a Jerry Barrack video of  Lillian receiving the proclamation from Mayor Barra -- a wonderful night.

I'll try to post some of Jerry's terrific photos from the evening later this week.

(Thank you, Mayor Barra, Councilman Jim Strauch and the fine folks at Borough Hall; Thank you, Passaic River Coalition (and David Epstein); Thanks, Jerry; and congratulations, Lillian!)