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Monday Morning Mystery 092313

Mysterious Bird Deaths -- Advice Needed!

Ravi Potluri writes:

We live in Rio Vista, right next to the Celery Farm, and have had a great time so far enjoying the abundant bird life that we can see without stepping out of our house.

 Much to our consternation though, we have found a dead bird on our porch each of the last 4 days. A dove, a female goldfinch, a Red-eyed Vireo, and today a cardinal. There was no such incident the first 5 weeks we have been here.

 Would you have any idea on why this may be happening, and what we may be able to do to stop this phenomenon?

We do have windows where they are being found. We also have a very active feeder, but that is about 15-20 feet away, and we have not seen a vireo on it.

This may be a night time phenomenon, but we are not sure.

My first guess is window strikes, but hard to explain why all of a sudden and four days in a row.  Does anyone have any ideas?