Moby Catbird at Celery Farm?
Albino Catbird Photographed at CF

My Latest: Hummingbirds Are Brats!


My latest column for The Record and Herald News takes a cheap shot at hummingbirds, the spoiled brats of the backyard bird world! Outrageous.

Here's a sample:

It’s not just that this aggressive pipsqueak is typically the only Eastern yard bird that insists on its own special feeder, but you also have to keep refilling it regularly with fresh sugar water.

What’s more, if you want to attract a lot of hummingbirds to your yard, you have to put up several feeders, because ruby-throats never learned to share.

As if that weren’t bad enough, now I find out I should leave my hummingbird feeder up for at least two more weeks — even though most ruby-throats have headed south. What a pain.

The link is here.