Mystery Answered
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Moby Catbird at Celery Farm?

I have received two second-hand reports of a Great White Catbird sighting near Phair's Pond in the past two weeks. 

The prevailing theory is that the bird, all white with pink legs and bill, is an albino. A lesser possibility is that it is a Turkish Angora Catbird. Whatever it is, we really need a photo of this Moby Catbird.

The Fyke Nature Association is offering to pay twenty-five cents in cold hard coinage to the first photographer who sends me a photo of this amazing catbird. I am willing to match that offer. I will also post imaginative Photo-shopped albino cat/birds as well if nothing better comes along.

So go to it!  

I know of a photographer or two who will be out there Thursday morning, so please, no bright clothing.

                 --Seymour Drakes