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Celery Farm Calendars Coming Soon

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Carol Flanagan writes:

The calendars should be here soon!  All proceeds go to the Stiles and Lillian Thomas Scholarship fund.  The calendars make great holiday gifts for family and friends! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos.  Those whose photos are in the calendar have been notified via separate e-mail.  We had many good photos and the decisions were difficult. 

If your photo was not chosen that does not mean it was not good.  Some of the photos were too similar to those used in previous calendars, were cropped too much and/or did not work with the Lulu software.
(Now is the time to start taking photos for next year's calendar!)
Thank you, 

The Calendar Committee
Carol, Darlene, and Mike

About the scholarship:
The Stiles and Lillian Thomas Scholarship was initiated to honor Stiles and Lillian Thomas for their life-long commitment to preservation and conservation.  This annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior student of Northern Highlands Regional High School who is pursuing a college degree in the environmental sciences, and who has demonstrate a commitment to the environment through participation in related community and school activities such as recycling, clean up, and green-conscious projects.