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A Terrific Butterfly Walk

Eastern Tailed-blue

Fyke  had a great group of folks for our annual butterfly walk today -- and plenty of great looks at butterflies.

DSCN0105and Hummingbird Clear-winged Moths. 

Also had a Red-shouldered Hawk and lots of dragonflies and Ebony Jewel-winged Damselflies.

The walk is in memory of our friend Tom Burr, who loved nature -- and loved helping people connect with nature.

Tom would have loved the walk, and added a few bad jokes of his own.

Several of us went on a tour of the Fell House afterward.

A list of butterflies that we saw follows (I think I am missing one or two...) Plus lots of pix with IDs, taken on the walk --help me out if I missed any IDs as well.

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Butterfly Walk is Tomorrow! (with new sightings from Rob!)

Fyke Nature Association's annual free Butterfly Walk is tomorrow (Saturday) from 10:30 a.m. to noon. We meet at Green Way.

We'll visit the highly productive Fred's Field, then Phair's Pond (dragonflies, anyone?), and then head over to the beautiful Butterfly Garden to see what we can see.

IMG_0011Ron Fanning counted EIGHT Clear-winged Moths at Greenway this morning!

(He also had 25+ Least Sands. Spotted Sand (prob 2 but took off with the definite one--may have been something else), several Killdeer, Kingfisher. and 13 Great Blues! He thinks that ties his high for CF! -- Thanks, Rob!)

At noon -- or sooner if it's too hot -- we'll head over to the Fell House for a quick tour of this historic house and its grounds. Free cold water, too!

This a family-friendly event -- just be aware of ticks and possible poison ivory (as my daughter used to call it). Long pants, sunscreen, lots of water and bug spray make common sense.

We will post some recent buttefly pics in coming days.

Please rsvp. Details follow.

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Mystery Bird near Pirie Solved

Penny Whitlock recently wrote:

"I saw this (distant) bird (above) to the left of theDSC_0036 Pirie Platform. It is dark, has a thick neck, with a white stripe going down each side..."

I was going through the possibilities when I received an e-mail from Mike Flom, who provided the photographic answer at right.

The bird is a Green Heron... (Thanks, Penny and Mike!)