Moth Night is Next Wednesday!
Monday Moth Mystery

Fishfly or Dobsonfly?

One of the cool thing about Moth Nights is that you learn about other cool insects.  (Our next moth night -- the Moth Ball -- is Wednesday night. Scroll down a few posts for more info.)

In June, I posted pics of several bugs attracted to my moth lights, including the photo above. Link is here.

One person ID'd it as Dobsonfly. Another ID'd it as a Fishfly. So I looked up both, and it's really hard to tell from a single photo. These are two very similar insects.

But in reading about both, I think the bug is a Fishfly because it has short mandibles and feathery antennae. (But as you know, I could be wrong!)

The link is here.

Equally cool is the fact that the larval stage of both bugs is called a hellgrammite -- one of the strangest (seemingly prehistoric) little creatures I've ever seen.