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Monday Morning Mystery 070113

Neat Story on Star-nosed Moles

The first time my wife Patty and I saw a Star-nosed Mole -- in the Celery Farm more than a decade ago-- it was deader than a doornail but unlike anything we had ever seen. We had no idea what it was. Patty and I thought we had made a huge discovery.

So we brought it home, put it in a plastic bag in the freezer, and told then-Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas.  He kindly informed us that it was a Star-nosed Mole, and not uncommon. 

Not knowing where it had been, we removed it from the freezer and left it outside to become some predator's carrion luggage.

Long story short, just came across this great story on Star-nosed Moles in the Warren County Reporter, via wildnewjersey.tv. Link is here.

Would love to post a shot of a live Star-nosed Mole at the CF!