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Monday Morning Mystery 031113

A reader writes:

How to stop a pesky robin from crashing in to our picture window every few seconds for a month.  

Nothing worked except hanging strips of plastic bag outside of window so the air moved them.  I tried everything else.  

Hopefully, this year we won't be visited, but it happened for two straight years now.

I even got a plastic owl, and when that didn't work, I drew a large, nasty-looking bird of prey picture and hung it inside of my window thinking it would scare the robin away.

Anyone have an idea?

Cool Web Post on AB&G

This is a tad beyond the Celery Farm and nature, but just a head's up to fans of the Allendale Bar & Grill that there's a great Web interview on the Kunisch brothers here.

AB&G has always been supportive of the Fell House... Good to see the Kunisches recognized ...