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Beware of Aggressive Turkey!

Rob Fanning reports:

 "I experienced the attack turkey first hand this morning. As soon as the alpha male saw me it made a beeline for me and continued to RUN after me. Tried everything I could to scare it off--nothing worked--I had to resort to walking BACKWARDS on the path and giving the occasionally fake kick to the head when it got too close.

"A few weeks ago it walked up to me but was not nearly aggressive as today. This could pose a major problem if their are small kids or an elderly person on the trail...

 "Not sure if anything can be done--but I'd say at the very least a sign needs to be put up warning people about it..."

I am putting up a sign at the entrance on Franklin Turnpike and Green Way. If a turkey approaches you on the trail, carry an umbrella and open it to fend off the turkey.  It is breeding season, and the Alpha males can be aggressive.

Mystery Solved

1-roy mmm
At least two folks -- Paul Sullivan and Jeff Nicol  --  correctly ID'd this photo by Roy Woodford as a diving Long-tailed Duck. (Although I also liked the Horseshoe Crab idea.)

Congrats to Paul and Jeff, and thanks again to Roy!


Red-shouldered Hawk News!

Stiles Thomas reports that the Red-shouldered Hawks are bringing hemlock sprigs to their nest on Gray Avenue  -- a great sign that they'll be nesting soon.

Just as an fyi:  "Survival: The Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale,"  the photo-driven book that so many of us contributed to, is available as an iBook for iPad and iPhone...  The book features the history of these hawks in Allendale, and many terrific photos.

The download sells for $2.99, with half the proceeds going to The Raptor Trust, an amazing hawk rehabilitation center that saved the life of a Red-shouldered Hawk named Red-shoulder cover 1Laura -- the main protagonist of the book.

Link to the download site, including a 15-page preview, is here.  You can buy also soft-cover or hard-cover from this site  -- beautiful but expensive -- or, better yet,  contact me.  Maybe we can buy a bunch together and save money. All proceeds go to The Raptor Trust...

The iPad version will (I hope) put "Survival" in the hands of far more bird-lovers for less than cost of postage for the book. 

You can also download the book on iTunes here.

Full details follow.

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