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Orchid Talk at Fyke Tonight

 “Native Orchids of New Jersey” is speaker Rick Radis' subject at tonight's Fyke meeting at Allendale Borough Hall on Crescent Ave.

Here's a description: “Because of its surprisingly wide range of habitats and biodiversity, New Jersey is home to over fifty species of wild orchids, more than most states in the country.

"Many are small, rare, and hard-to-find, but some are spectacular, and a few are familiar. All of them tell a story.”

The meeting starts at 8 p.m., the talk at 8:15.

The orchid photo above was taken at Duke Farms. I don't know if it is native or not, but better than no photo at all. : )

Turns out that above flower is not an orchid -- I knew that for sure by the end of Rick's talk. But as I said, better than no photo at all. (Thansks, Deedee!)