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Monday Morning Mystery 022513

IMG_0097Bob Budich writes:

"We have had a winter bird-feeder up for many years.  Our yard is only about 1,000 sq. ft. 

"Two seasons ago, for the first time, an aggressive wintering mockingbird took over the feeder and kept all the other birds away.  He would even perch on top of the feeder to protect his 'private property.'

"We were hoping that he would not return this winter, but ....

"My mockingbird is still here and constantly chasing any bird that tries to come to the sunflower kernel feeder.  He does eat the seeds himself. 

"He does the same thing with the heated birdbath that is near the feeder.  This is his empire and he wants for nothing. 

"Unfortunately, I will have most of my bag of seed left at the end of the winter feeding period.  (The mockingbird cannot eat that much.)  I guess the squirrels will have a feast when I throw the old seed out.

 "Do you have any suggestions?  The yard is too small to put a second feeder out to 'share the territory'." (Thanks, Bob!)
Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it? It sounds like a different version of a teaser from 2009, posted here.