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Celery Farm Ravens!

Rob Fanning writes:

"Had a wonderful Raven experience this morning. First on my way to the Celery Farm, I noticed THREE RAVENS over the Allendale Shopping center being harassed by several Crows.

"A few minutes later near the scout platform of the CF, 2 of the Ravens came flying in calling right overhead--and a few minutes later the 3rd bird (which was missing a good chunk of flight feathers) had joined them.

"Over the next 20 minutes I saw them several times as they soared, croaked, and barrel-rolled around the CF in the high winds. It's amazing how the Ravens dwarf the crows when you see them next to one another.

"This was only my 2nd Raven sighting for the CF--and it was a truly awesome experience. It's definitely been a good winter for Ravens!
"Other birds of note this morning were 30+ Red-winged Blackbirds, a single Grackle, TV, Red-tailed Hawk, and the pair of RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS sitting together and calling."  (Thanks, Rob!)