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Wood-Duck Box Repairs

PhotoA big shout-out to Marsh Warden Mike Limatola
and master carpenter Ken Buxton for cleaning out and repairing and replacing the Celery Farm's Wood Duck nesting boxes this past weekend.

Can spring be far behind?

The boxes, by the way, were a gift of Dr. Gerhard Haas in memory of his wife, Rita. (Link is here.)

Thanks, Mike & Ken! 

Also, thanks to Stiles Thomas for cleaning out and refilling the nesting boxes on Phair's Pond and Blue Heron Pond earlier in the week.

Also, thanks to Fred Weber for fixing the Tree Swallow nest tubes. 

A great team effort.

Mike Kelly's Column on 'Trees'

The Record's Mike Kelly has a nifty column today about the classic poem "Trees," written by Joyce Kilmer of Mahwah.

The poem was so good that Kilmer had a turnpike rest stop named after him.

The link to the column is here.

A link to the poem is here.

(For some reason, similar verse that I wrote went nowhere:

"I think I shall never see /a blog post as lovely as a poem.")

I guess everything is relative.

But I digress -- read the column and the poem!