Wednesday Book-signing Postponed
A Celery Farm Snowfall

My New Column: After the Storm

My latest column for The Record and Herald News is about the morning after Hurricane Sandy, and a walk in the Celery Farm.

Here's a sample: "A week ago Tuesday, the morning after the hurricane had unleashed its havoc on North Jersey, I was in a bit of a daze.

"Like so many other locales, my town of Allendale was a disaster area — trees everywhere had toppled, power lines were down, and roads were closed.

"I went into the nearby Celery Farm Natural Area to assess the damage there. A few big trees had crashed across the path, and branches large and small were strewn all over.

"As I approached the lake, I noticed a great blue heron standing motionless in the shadows. A strange sense of calm came over me as I watched a timeless scene, a heron patiently waiting to snare a fish."

I also write about Pine Siskins. The link is here.