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October 2012

Celery Farm Update

Did a quick check of the southern part of the Celery Farm. No flooding but several large trees down across the path along the Allendale Brook parallel to Meadow Lane.

DSCN1780Franklin Turnpike is not a through street north of Cottage Place. Probably not a good day to go out.

DId see a few birds naked eye -- GB Heron and Bufflehead.

Many more pix follow -- includinf Warden's Watch and trails.

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Allendale Brant

Barbara Dilger took this Brant photo at the Allendale Ballfields along Crescent Ave. on Saturday.

She reports: "The bird was not too afraid of people, and he was watching a Red-tail and some gulls carefully.  But when he saw a TV, he got spooked and took off heading south."

(Thanks, Barbara!)

Calm Before the Storm

Here's a view from the Celery Farm's spillway bridge, taken minutes ago. Rain has just begun to fall, and winds are picking up.

The one bit of good news is that the county just dredged much ofthe ditch/brook south of the spillway and earlier cleared out the culvert under the Franklin Turnpike bridge.

This will hopefully should reduce trail flooding, but it is hard to tell whether that will be enough for this particular storm.  Overall, it should be a big help, and it is much appreciated.

(A huge thank you to the folks in borough of Allendale government and the Bergen County government who got this done!)