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Great Column On 'Hero' Mike Limatola

Don Torino wrote a great column on Celery Farm Warden Mike Limatola on the blog.

Don writes:

"Sometimes there are people that choose to make the world a better place. They could just as well have been virtuous and noble neighbors, good citizens, and parents that worked hard and left it at that. But sometimes there are those who find it in themselves to step up to give more.
"They make a decision that they would work to protect the environment around them and create a better community for all of us. With little or no fanfare, they work hard each day to ensure that wild places stay that way.
"Making sure our birds and butterflies are safe and they strive to provide the opportunity for people like you and me to get out and enjoy these places.

"One of those rare individuals is Mike Limatola, President of Fyke Nature Association and Marsh Warden of the beautiful Celery Farm Nature Preserve in Allendale ..."

Congrats, Mike! Thanks, Don!

The entire column is here.