Meadowlands Report
A Big Thank You to Jim Morris!

Coming Soon: Celery Farm Trail Map/Pamphlet

001The Fyke Nature Association is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of the first-ever Celery Farm brochure and map!

The free four-color brochure features a trail map (by Deedee Burnside), a 1955 aerial photo of the site when it was used as farmland, and Frequently Asked Questions (and, equally important, Frequently Answered Questions!).

Photos were provided by Jerry Barrack, Barbara Dilger, Stiles Thomas and Seymour Drakes. They include a Red Fox, Osprey, the two Wood Ducks at left, and much more.

The brochure will be available in September, and we hope to have it available for the Sept. 8 walk.

You'll wonder how you ever walked around the Celery Farm without it. From now on, I should  be able to find my way home again.

Funding of this brochure was donated in memory of John Brewster.